Ali Mikles @alimikles
Position: Editor-in-Chief
Year: Junior
Fun fact: I’ve been in a couple of movies and I work for Betches

Anna Grace Carey @anna.grace.carey
Hometown: Austin, TX
Position: Managing Editor
Year: Senior
Fun fact: Studied abroad in Milan for a semester

Meredith Welborn
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Position: Senior Editor
Year: Sophomore
Fun fact: My freshman year dorm room went viral
Mary Grace Metheny @yoursunnyfunnyface
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Position: Assistant Editor
Year: Junior
Fun fact: I love classic movies, and draw most of my fashion inspiration from them. My favorites are The Philadelphia Story and Funny Face



Brooke Herigon @brookiefromthablock
Hometown: Columbia, MO
Position: Digital Editor
Year: Senior
Fun fact: I’ve met Chance The Rapper twice

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Emma Castner @emmacastner_
Position: Assistant Digital Editor
Year: Junior
Fun Fact: I’m addicted to the color pink

Caroline Lidl @carolinelidl
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Position: Writer
Year: Junior
Fun fact: I’m a beach bum

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Lizzie Loftus @lizbayy
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Position: LOOK.COM writer
Year: Sophomore
Fun fact: On a search for the world’s best bronzer !

Madeline Fennell @maddiefennell
Hometown: Charleston, SC
Position: writer
Year: Senior
Fun fact: I studied abroad in Australia and my first open water scuba dive was on the Great Barrier Reef

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Hanna Refvik
Hometown: Westport, CT
Position: Public Relations Director
Year: Senior
Fun fact: From Norway

Jules Fox @julessfoxx
Hometown: Palm Beach, Florida
Position: Social Media Manager
Year: Sophomore
Fun fact: I am an advanced open water scuba diver


Maggie Klimuszko @maggieklimuszko
Hometown: Manhasset, NY
Position: Creative Director
Year: Sophomore
Fun fact: My favorite fashion staple is layered necklaces, the more the better!

Abigail Savopoulos @on.island.time23
Hometown: St. Thomas, USVI & Washington, DC
Position: Associate Creative Director
Year: Senior
Fun fact: I became a certified scuba diver when I was 10 years old

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 1.55.07 PM.png
Terrell Kikis @terrellkikis
Hometown: NYC
Position: Fashion Editor
Year: Sophomore
Fun fact: I’m Greek!

Hailey Hasse @hailey_haase
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Position: Style Editor
Year: Freshman
Fun fact: I worked in retail for three years in high school-it’s where I fell in love with fashion! I’ll never leave a fitting room messy again.

Isabel Ensminger @isabelens3
Hometown: Little Rock, AR
Position: Style Editor Assistant
Year: Sophomore
Fun fact: My mom owns a clothing store in Arkansas


Gabby Grubb @gabriellegrubb
Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK
Position: Art Director
Year: Senior
Fun fact: I went to a French immersion school for elementary school

Dyala Ashfour @dyalaashfour
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Position: Assistant Art Director
Year: Senior
Fun fact: If I could only eat candy for the rest of my life I would


Emily Matthews @emilylenamatthews
Hometown: Greenwich, CT
Position: Marketing Director
Year: Senior
Fun fact: I’m addicted to Diet Coke

Kendall Free
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Position: Marketing Manager
Year: Senior
Fun fact: I have fainted over a dozen times

Paulina Leiva @paulinaleiva_
Hometown: Houston, TX
Position: Sales Assistant
Year: Sophomore
Fun fact: I could eat sushi and flaming hot cheetos everyday of my life.

Caillie Horner @cailliehorner
Hometown: Palos Verdes, CA
Position: Sales Assistant
Year: Junior
Fun fact: I have a twin sister

Emma Siegel @emmasiegell
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Position: Event Planner
Year: Sophomore
Fun fact: I used to have a jewelry company

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