2019 SMU Look Staff Application

Positions available for Fall 2019

Assistant Editor
As assistant editor your primary job is to work closely with the editor-in-chief to decide on content for the magazine, copy edit and help with general assignments for the magazine (i.e. assisting with art meetings, photo shoots, etc.). The assistant editor also works closely with the fashion journalism class to get content for the magazine and website. This job requires communication and organization skills.

Digital Writer
As an SMU Look staff writer you are responsible for creating weekly content for the website. You will write stories that will be shared across all verticals (web, Twitter, and Facebook). As well as this, you will interview and interact with students of the SMU campus to keep a pulse on the latest fashion, beauty, and cultural trends.

Social Media Manager
As the social media manager, you are responsible for managing social media, marketing campaigns, and day-to-day activities. This includes developing relevant content to reach SMU Look’s target audience while creating, curating, and managing all social media channels. You must know about editing apps and have an eye to what makes a post aesthetically pleasing.

Assistant Style Editor
As assistant style editor, you will work with the creative team to help brainstorm, style, and plan shoots for the magazine. You will look for models and reach out to models as the well. In addition, you will form mood boards, reach out to stores and inquire about borrowing clothes for photoshoots and pulling clothes. Your main focus is creating ideas for the photo shoots and bringing them to life.

Assistant Creative Production
As assistant creative production, you work closely with the creative director to book locations, contact stores, and scout talent for photoshoots. You must be extremely organized and detail oriented with great communication skills.

Art Director
As Art Director, you are in charge of the layout and design of the magazine. You lead the art team to create everything visual for the magazine and work closely with the editor-in-chief. Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, designing graphics, and editing photos are a MUST. Heavy workload at the end of the semester. Must work well in fast-pace high-pressure environment.

Assistant Art Director
As Assistant Art Director, you assist the Art Director in creating the layout and design of the magazine using Adobe Creative Suite. Designing graphics, editing photos, and re-design of advertisements are your other duties. Heavy workload at the end of the semester. Must work well in fast-pace high-pressure environment.

Sales & Marketing Manager
As sales assistant or Sales/Marketing Manager, duties include reaching out to businesses to sell ads in the magazine. You help gather and maintain connections with stores, assist in planning events, distribution, and overall brand image. Communication and diligence are key skills necessary to be successful at this position.

Sales Assistant
As sales assistant, You are mainly responsible for selling ads to fund the magazine. You reach out to stores, local businesses, and restaurants and offer them the rates and explain the benefits of advertising either in the magazine or online. Additionally, you are a member of the marketing team and help promote the magazine, articles, and events.

Event Coordinator/Distribution Manager
As the Event Coordinator and Distribution Manager, you organize all SMU Look events by collaborating with local boutiques, stores, and companies, and distributing all the magazines throughout SMU campus and the Dallas metroplex to promote the Look and increase exposure.

SMU Look Staff Application

Please submit your resume, application and any supplementary materials (see below) by Monday, April 21th at midnight.


If you are applying for assistant editor, managing editor, or senior editor attach 2-3 writing samples and a list of the SMU journalism and fashion media courses you will have completed after this semester.

Writing Samples:

If you are applying for SMULook.com writer, attach an idea you have for a weekly column and a sample blog post (200-300 words) that could go on the website.

If you are applying for art director or assistant art director, send 2-3 examples of your work.
Writing Samples: