What to Pack for Your Summer Abroad

By Saniha Aziz

We all overpack. You think you’ll be wearing 10 times as many cute outfits as you really need and never pack enough of the important stuff. After 12 days in Italy, half of my 30kg (65lb) suitcase went untouched. Days on the beach and lots of good meals called for cute casual outfits. Italians prefer casual fare with accessories. Don’t get too lost packing extensive outfits—stick with the basics and add to that. Here’s what I found myself wearing most of the time!

Always start with a swimsuit under everything. In coastal towns, you never know when you want to take a quick stop for a dip in the ocean to cool down. Bathrooms in restaurants are limited and small so don’t plan to change clothes during the day. This one piece is great as a bodysuit with some shorts or as a swimmy! I bought it in a few colors.

Jean shorts are must in a country like this. If your trip is anything like mine, you will spend a lot of time traveling between cities via train or plane. When it’s too hot to wear leggings, these jean shorts with a cute off the shoulder top and sandals is the best go-to outfit. These “mom” shorts are so comfortable and don’t stick to you like your usual daisy dukes.

Do not forget sunglasses or you will be lost the whole trip without them. These Dior sunnies were perfect because they are pretty flat and thin—just don’t wear them in the ocean!

A HAT. On just the first day I found myself desperate for a hat because I forgot one. A sun hat can be cute but a baseball cap is easier to travel around with. I bought one for $10 from a street vendor, but pack one from home and you’ll be so glad you did.

The streets of Italy are not very walking friendly with their pebbled roads and uneven pavement. Take a pair of shoes you don’t care too much about. These Steve Madden platforms were perfect to wear to the pool or to dinner. Pro tip: DO NOT PACK ANY STILETTOS.

A good pair of trusty sneakers are so essential. Here are two comfortable options for the miles and miles you’ll be walking everyday: These trendy Gucci sneaks or your classic Stan Smiths.

Backpack! After contemplating taking a tote, I decided to stick with a backpack and it was the best decision. This Marc Jacobs one is so chic and fits everything you need. It even folds up small too if you want to pack it away. While I was in Italy I also got a peep at this LV one that I love!

Don’t over pack and don’t over think! If you pack a lot of black and white tops and cute bottoms you’ll be able to mix and match throughout the days. Don’t get stuck with a suitcase full of bricks (which is what mine essentially was). You’ll do lots of shopping while you’re there too. Take it easy!

Samantha Klaassen

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