Take a Look: Sam & Alex Klaassen

By Camille Ulam

Meet Sam and Alex Klaassen, SMU Look’s most stylish twins. Previously Southern California gals, Sam and Alex now run the streets of NYC and are loving every minute of it.

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Sam is SMU Look’s Editor in Chief, so she is pretty much in charge of anything and everything here at the magazine whether it’s planning articles for our next issue or working on all aspects of the production process.


Alex is our Sales and Marketing Manager; she is in charge of making sure we spread the word on campus and find advertisers for our magazine.

I got to sit down with them to find out about their personal style and where you can spot them around Dallas.

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How would you describe your style?

Alex Klaassen: I wear a lot of blue and neutral colors. I want to look cute but also be comfortable. Also I wear a lot of jeans.

Sam Klaassen: She has a very Californian look: natural with minimal makeup. I’d say my style is pretty timeless, but I like to incorporate current trends. I really love a good skirt and anything colorful in a tasteful way.


What are your favorite spots in Dallas?

SK: We go to Taco Diner together at least once a week. It’s kind of our little tradition.

AK: Dots Hop House is cool, and everything in the West Village. It has great shopping and restaurants. I also love the smoothies and ginger shots at Juice Bar in HP Village.

SK: NorthPark’s my go-to for shopping because it has everything. You can usually find me in Sephora or Neimans. And I’m always doing homework at Royal Blue.

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What are your favorite brands to shop?

SK: I like Alice and Olivia, Maje, and Zara.

AK: My favorite places are Vince, Rag and Bone, Frame, and also Zara.

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Who is your ultimate style icon?

SK: I like to look at the street style of celebrities and models. If I really like something they’re wearing, I’ll find out where it’s from and try to get it. I recently got this pink Alice & Olivia coat I saw Gigi Hadid wearing. My mom also has it. She’s one of my style inspirations too. I’m always stealing her stuff.

AK: I really just like to keep it neutral and comfortable, and I am always taking suggestions from Sam.

SK: I think I’m your style icon.

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Any trends you love currently?

SK: I really like that looser fitting pants are big right now. I have these mid-flare pants from Club Monaco that I wore around New York all summer. I am also all about anything high-waisted. And I recently bought a pair of jeans!

AK: That’s a big deal for her.

SK: Yeah. And I love sneakers. I have a ton.

AK: I really like platform shoes and denim everything.


Now, some rapid fire questions:

Biggest pet peeve?

SK: When people are unnecessarily rude to strangers.

AK: When people leave carts in parking spots at the grocery store.

Starbucks order?

SK: Venti green tea lemonade.

AK: Iced vanilla latte.

Favorite emoji?

SK: The face sticking it’s tongue out.

AK: Happy cowboy hat guy.

Beauty product you couldn’t live without?

SK: Honestly I’d be lost without everything in my skincare regimen. It’s extensive.

AK: Glossier sunscreen.

Go-to accessory?

SK: Ray-Ban rounds. I have 3 pairs.

AK: My little gold bracelets.

Any style advice?

SK: I’m a strong believer that if you like something you should buy it in every color.

AK: Be yourself. Don’t do something just because everyone else is.


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Camille Ulam

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