The Low Down: Choosing a Personal Trainer

By: Anne Chandler Young

When I first decided to invest in a trainer, I failed to realize that I was making a decision that has the potential to really change your life. I did not put enough thought into the decision. I soon found out that there is a fine line between making a sound investment in your fitness journey and throwing money out the window on something that doesn’t work.

The turnover in the fitness business is high. If you blindly walk into a large fitness club and sign up for personal training, there is a good chance that you will end up with the least busy or new trainer. The high turnover also means that your new coach may not stay around long and you’ll be bounced around from trainer to trainer. Therefore, you have to do your due diligence as you go about choosing a trainer.

The best way to find a personal trainer is through word of mouth, or by getting in touch with trusted fitness professionals that don’t live in your area and asking if they have any recommendations. Since the only fitness professional I know is @Kayla_Itsines, I was forced to do some research on my own. I found two poplar personal training companies used around SMU:

Brock Travis at Vive

What makes Brock’s training different than other in the Dallas area is he gives clients the opportunity to have a workout people are able to train multiple times a week by doing semi- private training groups. Mixing his one-on-one personal training with. The semi-private workouts give a competitive vibe and clients love the extra motivation.

Before beginning training, Brock meets with each client for assessment that dives into how your body manages, sleep patterns, support systems, exercise history and more. His training is for those who want an enhanced strategy specific to their personal goals. While it is assumed that personal training is tailored to the individual, the coaching at Vive incorporates technology to help pinpoint the best fitness plan for you. They use Athos Gear, wearable training technology to measure your efforts in real time. This technology allows Vive to better optimize your performance and avoid injury.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 5.12.28 PM.png
Photo credit: @trainvive

Evan Duncan at Tough Fitness Dallas

Evan is the head trainer at Tough Fitness, an entirely military veteran staffed personal training company. Duncan’s Marine Corps background eight years sets a non-nonsense tone for his workouts. He holds extremely challenging personal training session and small group workouts specializing in women’s fitness. Their small team option allows groups of four members with similar goals to team together and complete the workouts planned by Duncan.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 5.09.19 PM.png
Photo credit: @toughfitnessdallas

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