What’s All the Buzz About?

By: Meredith Welborn


Two and a half years ago, this Malibu-born brand made its way to Dallas, and we sure are happy it did! Planet Blue’s storefront sits on Knox-Henderson, nestled between Velvet Taco and Gypsy Wagon. On Thursday February 8, Planet Blue and Bumble teamed up to put on an event for women in the Dallas area that was filled with adorable clothes, Bumble merch, IMPECCABLE Rosé, and completed with a photobooth for you and your bffs!


At the event, I caught up with Caroline Kushner, SMU alum who, since gradation in May, has been working at Volk PR. Volk and Planet Blue have had a close relationship ever since the brand opened its store in Dallas. Because of its proximity to campus, SMU girls have been a huge source of revenue for this location. According to Kushner, Planet Blue is “like an SMU spirit store.” Walk down the the boulevard on a game day, and you’re sure to spot Planet Blue’s signature tie dye print on at least a dozen girls.


Bumble is also a company that SMU students are very familiar with. Since the company’s emergence in late 2014, it has expanded far beyond a simple dating app, helping people network and make new friendships. Bumble has ambassador programs at many universities around the country — including our very own! Although Bumble and Planet Blue Dallas had never previously worked together, the event was a major success. Because of the high interest SMU students have in both companies, the event was marketed heavily to the Hilltop community, and many students came to enjoy the 20% off discount!

Photos by: Jolie Guz

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