Secrets of Street Style

It’s safe to say that New York Fashion Week sends all style lovers into a full-blown frenzy. Open up Instagram and you’re flooded with pictures upon pictures of clothing you’d love to own, shoes you’d die to wear, and hairstyles you’ll attempt to recreate. A huge part of fashion week is street style, and the front page of Vogue’s website always features the best street style photos from the week. The photos always make us wonder, “how do they do it?” The outfits are impeccable, and the women look effortlessly chic.

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If you want to get photographed at fashion week but don’t know how, understanding what these photographers are looking for may help you out a bit. After reading through countless interviews with Phil Oh, we’ve compiled the most important street style tips.

1. Don’t be afraid to go “all out”: Fashion week is the most appropriate time of the year to wear your wildest prints and loudest accessories. However, you don’t want to end up on some “What Were They Thinking?” thread, so make sure you still look like a human.

2. Be confident, but not aggressive: If there’s one notion that street-style photographers agree on, it’s that the girls who walk around like they own the city are not the ones they want to shoot. Don’t strut back and forth around photographers because you think you look amazing; they won’t bat an eye.

3. Stay true to your style: This is not only key in everyday life, but especially at fashion week. Don’t play around with gimmicks. Wear what you love, and be confident in your own styling. Be excited that you’re at fashion week, and the rest will just happen.

Mimi Kelly

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