7 Restaurants to Try this Month in Dallas

By: Camille Ulam

It happens. You get stuck in a routine and then end up going to the same restaurants that you always visit. Dallas is teeming with new and trendy restaurants to try. As a senior, I am making a new goal to try a different restaurant each week. When someone asks you if you have you heard of a new restaurant, you will know the answer.

Now is the time to explore the unique restaurants Dallas has to offer, and I can guarantee that you will not be stuck in a rut again. If you are celebrating a birthday, entertaining family, or always looking for something new, this list will help expand your horizons.

1. Sassetta

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Photo credit: Eater Dallas


Everyone needs to head over to the Design District for this Italian treasure. The restaurant is “retro and casually chic”, according to D Magazine. Word on the street is, the pizza is quite delicious. From the menu, to the décor, Sassetta does not disappoint.

2. Gung Ho

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Photo credit: Eater Dallas


Replacing Remedy on Lower Greenville, Gung Ho is the new kid on the block. With its impeccably designed interiors you will be wanting to snap pictures left and right. If you are looking for a Chinese restaurant, look no further. You cannot go wrong with anything on the menu.

3. Sachet

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Photo credit: Eater Dallas


Located on Oak Lawn, this is one of the hottest restaurants in Dallas, meaning make a reservation immediately! The dishes are shareable and Mediterranean inspired recipes that will not leave you feeling guilty. Do not forget to order one of their unique takes on a gin and tonic.

4. Sprezza

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Photo credit: Dallas Observer


This Italian restaurant has people buzzing around Dallas. The pizzas and pasta dishes are mouth watering. Grab a group of friends and head over.

5. Alice



Alice is a new, hidden gem. Whoever decorated this intimate dining experience made all of the right choices. From a chic outdoor space, to a glam dining room, Alice checks off all the boxes. Their dim sum menu is great for sharing plates with friends.

6. Up On Knox

Photo credit: Paper City Magazine


In close proximity to campus, this new restaurant airs on the more expensive side, but is worth the visit. From steak to salmon, you are bound to love many of the American-inspired dishes.

7. Scout

Photo credit: Dallas Observer


Scout is located in the recently opened Statler Hotel. This gem offers casual, shareable plates for groups, while creating a fun atmosphere that provides many avenues for entertainment. You can rent a bowling lane, play ping-pong, pool or even foosball.

Camille Ulam

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