Lash Lifting Will Take Your Makeup Routine to New Heights

There’s nothing worse day after day than putting on a full face of makeup, taking it off before you hit the gym, and then repeating the whole routine over again before you go out that night. Women are searching for a simpler routine that ends the cycle of applying and removing makeup. If you’re tired of waking up clouded with remnants of last night’s mascara, look into the newest lash trend.

Lash lifting, tinting and extension treatments are all part of a new natural beauty trend that leaves your lashes looking longer and fuller. Tina Benedetti is a lash stylist at Dallash Studio Dallas and swears by lash treatments. She has been getting her lashes done since 2009 and has noticed how much healthier and naturally long her lashes have gotten since starting treatments.

“A lot of people who are curious about lash extensions start with lifting treatments,” Benedetti says. “Lifting is an easy way to try doing something different with your lashes. When you’re applying mascara to straight lashes you don’t get quite as the effect. Lash lifting is great because they look good whether you have mascara on or not.”

Women who want naturally curled looking lashes have tested lash curlers to achieve the coveted look. Many people don’t know that the pinching effect of curlers over time is very much like over-tweezing, and eventually the lashes won’t grow back. Dallash studio uses an Australian product called Elleebana lash lift that helps create luscious lifted lashes. The procedure uses a soft silicon rod that’s applied to the upper lid and then the lashes are curled on the rod.

“What makes lash lifting different from perming is that we only put a very fine line of lifting lotion, which changes the cuticle of the hair to allow us to create that curl, and we let that sit for a couple minutes and then we go back, and we do a setting lotion that seals in the curl, so we’re lifting right at the base,” Benedetti says. “Everything we use on your lashes is all water soluble and is really engineered for lashes specifically, so it’s a lot safer than perming which uses chemicals that covers the entire lash and touches the skin.”

There are things that need to be taken into consideration when getting eyelash treatments. Some people experience weaker and damaged eyelashes after getting treatments and notice that their eyelashes have trouble growing back. Benedetti says the reason for this is that people are not going to a reputable source. “Just like you would with a hairstylist, research who you want to go to and how long they have been working as a technician,” Dana Oliver says in an article published by the Huffington Post. “Look at before-and-after photos, read reviews and always make sure they are licensed and lash-certified.”

Lash treatments typically last six to eight weeks and there’s very little upkeep. Oil-based cleansers will relax the curl so stay away from oil-based products. All you need to do is brush the lashes and keep them clean. Just like brushing your hair, brushing your lashes helps stimulate growth.

Helena Glazer Hodne is an Instagram influencer who goes by the name of brooklynblonde and blogs about all things fashion and beauty in New York City. She took to her Instagram story to show her followers how much she loves her new lash treatment.

“A lash lift is 100 percent your natural lashes,” Hodne says. “My eyes look more awake, open and my lashes look so much longer. I have heavy lids, so without an eyelash curler and a ton of mascara, my eyes look sleepy.”

Lash treatments are definitely a viable option in simplifying your makeup routine. It’s affordable at around $80 a session, the upkeep is simple, and the final product leaves your lashes looking naturally beautiful. There’s no need to worry about clumpy mascara ever again.

“The sentiment for most of our clients is that they want to look great,
but don’t want to take the time to put on all the makeup and take it off, and
carry a makeup bag to the gym,” Benedetti says. “With lash lifting you can
swim, you can sweat, you can live your life and don’t always have to be putting
on and taking off makeup.”

Catherine Neilson

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