Ramble Room Review

By Lucy Ladis

New restaurant in Snider Plaza doesn’t disappoint.

A dark and industrial bar sits front and center in the new Snider Plaza restaurant Ramble Room. The wood and brass accents emulate fine dining as guests gather around the centerpiece.  

Old Bob Ross episodes play on the TVs as signature martinis are shaken. The vibe could not be more perfect for Highland Parkies. 

The curated cocktail list perfectly accompanies the “taste for classics” menu. Housemade pasta, perfectly cooked steaks and sharable appetizers stand out. 

The Three Mushroom Fettuccine was a creamy and well-balanced half portion that made me want leftovers. The Grilled Salmon was fresh and placed upon a fluffy bed of cheesy grits sure to make any southern mom happy. While the Steak Frites was simple, the quality was nothing to turn your nose at.

Ramble Room is the perfect Friday night dinner spot for those looking for an exquisite meal without having to leave Highland Park. 

Make sure to make your reservation early, this is a soon-to-be Snider Plaza favorite.

Lucy Ladis

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