The Truth About Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is about making clothes quick, cheap, and disposable, but many are unaware of how these practices are negatively affecting the environment.

Poshmark Pro Tips

Read on to learn how to Posh like a pro.

The Devil is Thin

My whole life the paradigm that fat girls won’t make it in fashion has been reinforced. Whether through movies, magazines, models or mannequins, everyone, everywhere was thin. Will I have to drop 15 pounds, steal the job from the next girl and buy new Chanel boots that I can’t afford in order to pass go?

The Not-So Sudden Resurrection of Tie-Dye

Tie-dye is known as the trademark trend of the hippie era, but will it also be known as the trademark of the 2020

Take a Look: Ana Paula Tirado

Take a look and get to know fashionista by day, world-traveler and SMU senior, Ana Paula Tirado.

Las Vegas Senior Trip Staples

Are you starting to shop for the Senior Fall Break Vegas Vacay? Keep reading to get inspiration for the staples you’re absolutely going to need.

The Met Gala: Best and Worst Looks

After two long years, fashion lovers’ souls have finally been fed with the return of the Met Gala. Keep reading to check out my opinion on the best and worst looks of the night.

U.S. Fashion Copyright Laws are Totally Last Season

Have you ever wondered how it is possible that brands can create fashion items that look so much alike? Our weak copyright laws regarding fashion desperately need to be updated.