What to Wear Where for Men

By: John McCarthy

Spring is here and everyone is thinking of how to turn out their closets and incorporate the season’s new trends in their wardrobe. I decided to put together a few looks for men to give easy examples for what to wear this spring and when.

Look 1 – Class/Day Outfit

For day-to-day activities, most guys just want something simple that they can pull on and go. An easy outfit to throw on is a good pair of distressed jeans with a Henley or vintage t-shirt and sneakers. It’s perfect for going to class or running your daily errands.


Look 2 – The “Going Out” Look

For going out, you might want to step up your look to something a little nicer and more put together. I would start by upgrading the jeans to a nicer pant. AG SUD’s are a personal favorite because they are still as comfortable as wearing jeans but are made with a nicer material that makes them appropriate for nicer occasions. Paired with a casual button down and a pair of boots, you’ll be ready for a night out.

Look 3 – Internship/Interview Look

With the spring season comes job interviews, which means that every guy needs the perfect professional outfit. A good suit is always a necessity for any young professional. Worn with a pair of nice shoes and maybe a fun pair of socks, any guy would be ready to take on any interview. Check out professional suits like the one below from SuitSupply.

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