Meredith Welborn: The blogger newbie

By: Harriette Hauske

In many aspects, Meredith Welborn is a typical SMU freshman: She’s making new friends, exploring Dallas, and dipping her toes into her prospective majors, fashion media and advertising. But in her free time, she writes creative content for her blog, “As Told By Meredith.”


Welborn started her blog this past June. She writes about beauty, fashion, food, lifestyle and travel. She also writes personal posts about her life.

“Her college transition piece that she wrote is my favorite,” says Sarah Hooton, Welborn’s roommate. “I love all of her honest pieces like that. I think those are the best and most influential.”

Welborn’s biggest accomplishment? Having her elegant dorm room featured in the September issue of Teen Vogue.


“Every detail in the girls’ room is perfect for any blog-worthy moment,” wrote Teen Vogue’s Katelyn Chef.

Welborn sat at her desk chair in Mary Hay one afternoon recently to chitchat about her life as an up-and-coming blogger. Her hair looked effortlessly blown out, and her makeup was natural and light. An episode of “Gossip Girl” was paused on her laptop, which was left on her perfectly made bed. Throughout the interview, the Nashville native radiated happiness.

SMU Look: Why did you begin blogging?

Meredith Welborn: I created my blog not only to express myself, but to help people. I have people ask me all the time at home, and here at school, to do their hair, help them with their makeup, and for outfit advice. Although I am always happy to do this for my friends, why not show them how to get the look they are trying to achieve on their own?

SL: How do you use social media?

MW: I use Instagram and Facebook as ways of promoting my blog. Instagram is how I reach out to my peers and younger audience, and Facebook is how I connect with my mom’s friends, my family and other adult friends. My personal favorite is Instagram. It is the easiest way for me to keep up with the blogging community and get inspired.

SL: What are your top beauty tips?

MW: Oh goodness, this is such a hard question to answer! Right now, I love a natural look with messy hair. Think: MAC lipstick in Hug Me and Serena van der Woodsen’s effortless, messy beach waves. I also freakin’ love highlighter. That’s my favorite makeup product ever. I use MAC mineralize skin finish in Soft and Gentle. But if I really want to glow, I love Becca Champagne Pop.

SL: What’s your favorite fashion trend?

MW: A trend that is so popular right now that I love is mini skirts. They were super popular back in the ‘90s but have made such a comeback this past year. I’m always on the lookout for a good mini — denim, suede, leather. You can wear them with sandals in the summer, with knee-high boots in the winter, with a T-shirt, with a blouse. They’re so versatile and chic.

SL: What’s your favorite thing about blogging?

MW: It makes me feel empowered. I know that I post about makeup and fashion, but I also love posting about how I’m feeling at certain points in hopes of being able to connect to someone and have them feel reassured that they’re not alone. I also love having guest bloggers to allow them a space to share their thoughts. My brother wrote a post on my blog about his recovery process from a drug addiction, which is actually one of my most popular posts. It’s human nature to want to connect, and I hope that whether I’m posting about more superficial aspects of life or the deep stuff, I can relate to someone.

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