Best of the Met

By: Maggie Klimuszko

On the first Monday of every May, fashion lovers everywhere impatiently cozy together to oggle over the fashion masterpieces donned by celebrity A-listers at the Met Gala. The dress code on the invitation this year read amusingly “Sunday Best- Heavenly Bodies,” but these stylish megastars took this theme to the next level, sporting looks that ranged from Joan of Arc and Chainmail Knights to Princesses and Angels.

Big name fashion houses of Versace, Margiela, Balmain, and countless others spent months tediously conjuring their magnificent looks, down to the smallest detail and very last minutes, doing everything they can to ensure the fantasy they imagined would come alive. The Met isn’t a cake walk for the celebrities themselves either: countless fittings, days of preparation, and even, sheer pain accompanies them to the red carpet. Yes, the famous saying “beauty is pain,” was prevalent this year more than ever as skyscraper heels turn freshly pedicured feet bruised and bloody, and back breaking crowns and ornate headpieces alike were worn–some weighing up to 10lbs! Nonetheless, the looks this year did not disappoint.

Rihanna rocked the red carpet in a Margiela Pope-inspired look, wearing her version of a nun’s habit. Her heavily and intricately beaded cream colored cape and crown made heads turn as she made her big debut. Similarly, Katy Perry made jaws drop as she wore massive architectural angel wings created by Versace. Blake Lively dressed as a royal goddess (what else is new), Zendaya as a knight in shining armour (literally), and Gigi Hadid as a fairy princess (could these looks be any more fitting?) slayed in Versace as well. Other praised looks include JLo in an embellished Balmain gown, Amal Clooney (the Gala co-chair) in a Joan of Arc inspired look by Richard Quinn, and Kate Bosworth who looked absolutely angelic in an ethereal Oscar De La Renta gown.

The looks this year? A magical fairytale.












Images: Vogue, Marie Claire

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