How to Dress for Temperamental Weather

You blink and suddenly it’s past prime sweater weather time and into full-on parka season. Ugh! It can seem impossible to dress for the day with temperamental weather forecasts and unpredictable classroom thermostats. Our best advice? Dress for all four seasons in the same outfit because you never really know what you’re going to get it. It’s just like your parents told you when you were growing up: layers! Don’t ever doubt the power of adding a few extra pieces to your trans-seasonal look and shopping cart to get your ready for official tricky weather szn.


1. Socks + Sandals

This dynamic duo is a little flashback to your childhood days but it is in fact chic again. The controversial trend is all over Instagram with the infamous sock and slide combination. Sheer socks, logo socks, fishnet socks—you can really take this fashion faux-pas trend in so many ways,so run with it.


2. Puffer Coat

The 80s and 90s outerwear essential is your coziest companion this winter, adding fashionable warmth to any ensemble. From muted neutrals to bold colors, these can be thrown on top of several layers for extra warmth.


3. Fleece Lined Leggings
These are as comfortable as they sound. From lounging to running errands, these warm leggings are a winter staple.


4. Not-not Ugly Rain Jacket

You need a jacket for when it is absolutely gross outside. This rain jacket is just non-hideous enough that it is on trend and weather-proof. Pair it with some rain boots and you’re ready to combat any rainstorm.


6. Waterproof Shoe of Choice

You don’t have to stick to just rain boots, you can experiment with different styles of waterproof shoes to mix up your rainy day look. I love Palladium sneaker boots because they are water resistant and not your typical rain boot.

Brooke Herigon

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