By: Meg Bergstrom

Whether you are hitting the slopes in Aspen with your family during winter break or ringing in the New Year at Park City, it is important to stay warm on the slopes while still looking cool. Well-fitting long johns, festive hats and stylish googles are a few trends to check out this season.

Base Layers

Long underwear is vital to having a good day on the slopes. They have to fit just right and keep you cozy while having sweat-wicking technology. Unlike the white cotton long johns we all wore in 2001, now you can find trendy and comfortable options. Sweaty Betty is a London-based sportswear company that offers great base layers.


Beanies are a great way to stay cozy and look effortlessly cool while boarding down the mountain. They keep your head toasty warm and ear buds tucked in, which is an extra plus. This Moncler beanie is a bit more expensive than the Target beanie you sported in third grade, but this hat is a classic that you can bring back to the slopes year after year.

Snow Googles

Goggles double as protection from the sun as well as keeping your face shielded from the freezing temperatures. The bigger the better is the recent theme with goggles, and mirrored lenses are expected to be a hit this season. Blenders are an affordable google blend with UV protection, anti-fog technology and a unisex design. The perfect googles to be sure you are looking trendy on the mountain.

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