How to Dress Like Hailey Bieber For Less

Hailey Baldwin has been on my radar since the second I found out she was marrying Justin Bieber. Because of how loyal I was to Jelena, I tried hard not to like Hailey, but then she became my fashion icon. Every time she’s pictured, I find myself trying to replicate her seemingly effortless, edgy style. However, since I am not the one married to Justin Bieber, she and I don’t exactly share the same budget. That didn’t stop me, though! I took inspiration from some of my favorite outfits of hers and recreated them for less!

OUTFIT #1: I love this outfit because it is perfect for that winter-spring transition period. The pink sweater paired with the leather jacket adds a girly touch to this overall edgy outfit!

Hailey Baldwin
Casual outfit with a pink sweater, leather jacket, and heeled booties Photo credit: Backgrid

1 sweater.png
Pink knit sweater Photo credit: SHOPBOP
1 jacket.png
Black Leather Jacket Photo credit: zara
1 boots.png
black heeled booties Photo credit: zara
1 jeans.png
Split hem boot cut jeans Photo credit: Revolve

Pink Sweater | Leather Jacket | Split Hem Bootcut Jeans | Heeled Booties

OUTFIT #2: This is such an easy outfit for those Sunday brunches! Elevated, with minimal effort!

hailey outfit 2.JPG
Grey silk cami dress with jacket Photo credit: Backgrid

2 silk cami dress.png
grey silk cami dress Photo credit: Revolve
2 jacket.png
denim jacket Photo credit: asos

Grey Silk Cami Dress | Denim Jacket

OUTFIT #3: Black on black will forever be my go-to. Hailey is the queen of thinking up simple pairings that make you look ten times cooler than you already are.

Edgy simple outfit with black sweatshirt and vinyl pants Photo credit: Getty Images

3 sweatshirt.png
Basic black sweatshirt Photo credit: H&M
3 pants.png
black vinyl pants Photo credit: SHOPBOP

Black Sweatshirt | Black Vinyl Pants

OUTFIT #4: Instead of wearing either leggings or sweatpants to class every day, I envisioned wearing something like this- monochromatic and comfortable.

hailey outfit 4.JPG
Cozy tan set Photo credit: Backgrid
4 top and pants.png
Tan set Photo credit: zara

Tan Turtleneck Top | Tan Flowy Bottom

I hope this proved that even though we don’t get to be Hailey, it doesn’t mean that we can’t dress like her!

Princess Matthew-Mba

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