Worst Halloween Costumes on the Internet

Sexy banana bread

I guess now your April activity for quarantine boredom can be your October halloween costume.

TikTok banned

Apparently anything mildly well known is now a costume opportunity.


Like I said, anything is a costume if you try hard enough.

Ouija board poncho

Spooky activities but make it ~unflattering~.

A guppy

I have so many questions.

Sexy Mickey Mouse

Can we leave childhood characters alone? Please?

A taco

Not everything that tastes good makes a good outfit. I feel like that should go without saying.

Queen of Hearts

The concept is fine – the execution is not.

Beyond burger

Food as an outfit but make it ~plant based~.

Tater Tots

Breakfast, but make it spicy.

The college admissions scandal

A 2020 take on the classic inmate costume.

Hand sanitizer

Having to use it constantly should be plenty.

This year has been pretty bad already, don’t make it worse by wearing one of these costumes.

Happy Halloween!

Gillian Bressie

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