Meet SMU Alumni Kristine Locker: The Face Behind Your New Shopping Best Friend

Kristine Locker is a Los Angeles native who graduated from SMU in 2015 with an Outstanding Real Estate Finance Major on the Honor Roll with Distinction. During her time at SMU she was a Chi Omega and also enjoyed being a part of the real estate club as president and retail club as a general member. Kristine is now the creator of Want Locker, a browser extension that brings together shopping and social media.

Kristine worked at Goldman Sachs as a real estate analyst after graduation and then decided she wanted to move back to California to work with her dad. After working with him for three years, she realized that her passion did not lie in real estate. Kristine became curious about where she could go with her career and started to assess what she liked to do in her free time and immediately she thought about her love for shopping for herself and other people. Friends would often ask Kristine for advice on what to wear to special events so she would compile links on an excel sheet and email it to them.

This is when something clicked. Kristine knew there must be a better way to recommend clothes to friends and compile links of things you love from different websites. Kristine began to build Locker in March of 2020 and officially released the extension in October of the same year.

According to her website, Locker is a website extension that allows you to “browse, save, share & recommend pieces you love from your favorite brands. Follow your favorite people & shop from their Locker.” Locker brings together social media and shopping in a way that has never been done before. Shopping with your friends and saving things that you would like for yourself in a Pinterest-like way allows the user to curate collections (think boards), keep all their wants in one place, and check out friends’ wants as well. This extension is ideal for what Kristine calls “the power user”, someone who shops all the time for themselves or their family and needs a way to make it more efficient.

Learn more about Kristine Locker in this short Q&A

Who is your girl boss inspiration?

Melissa Wood! She built her empire on authenticity and vulnerability and I would like to do the same.

Where do you see Locker in 5 years?

I would LOVE for Locker to be an app someday soon. For right now, I am focusing on the extension and social platform products but as soon as I fundraise I will definitely be looking to make Locker an app.

Who was your favorite professor at SMU?

Joe Caboca, I learned to never settle for anything less than my best work from him. He never let anybody make an excuse for not showing up as their best self and encouraged students to push themselves past their comfort zone.

Why did you pick SMU?

When I walked on SMU’s campus I fell in love – there was just something about it. I loved that it was in a safe area but also part of a big city.

Do you have a morning/nighttime routine?

Yes! My mornings are extremely sacred to me. My alarm goes off every morning at 6:10 a.m., I usually snooze it once and then I am up and ready to start my day. I am a morning person, so I like to tackle the most important items on my to-do list first thing. I always start with some form of movement so I usually do a Melissa Wood Health flow along with a 3-4 mile walk.

What was your favorite Dallas spot when you went to SMU?

Katy Trail Ice House!

What is something you cannot live without?

Alyssa’s cookies! I absolutely love dessert and I do not go to bed without eating something sweet so having a healthy but delicious cookie is a lifesaver. Alyssa’s is a female-founded company backed by Mark Cuban that I discovered in 2016. I have eaten them every day ever since.

What is your favorite clothing piece you own?

This is a hard one to answer but I am actually more of a shoes and purses kind of girl so I would have to say my favorite pair of shoes is my Golden Goose sneaks and my favorite purse is my Celine Mini Luggage bag in Dune.

How would you describe your style?

I strive for the effortlessly chic look. I am a really casual person so you will find me in workout clothes more often than not. But I love to make a workout outfit look elevated. I love workout sets so that the outfit automatically looks more put together and then I will throw on a cool sweatshirt, my Goldens, sunglasses and one of my purses!

What advice would you give SMU students now?

Explore as many opportunities as possible while you’re still at SMU because you won’t have the same access or time post-college!

Sign up for a Want Locker account here and you can also follow me on there @Fernanda and Kristine @KristineLocker!

Fernanda Gonzalez

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