Workin’ 9 to 5…Well Not Anymore: Amanda DeWitt Pursues TikTok Dreams

Influencing on social media platforms has become more and more prevalent as years pass. In a technology ridden age, many of us may dream of a career where we answer to our cell phones, instead of a boss (irl). It may be something “anyone” can do, but not everyone is brave enough to take the leap.

However, Amanda DeWitt, Dallas based TikTok content creator, was inspired to do just that. Amanda was born and raised in Dallas. She attended a higher education at The University of Oklahoma where she earned a BBA in marketing with a minor in finance. Just like a lot of us here at SMU, Amanda was involved in greek life and similar to me, she is a Chi Omega! Upon her graduation in May 2021, she returned to Dallas to begin working for her family’s restaurant company, Front Burner, where she worked until she took her step off into the world of influencing others.

Photo credit: Amanda DeWitt

You might be curious how one becomes successful on TikTok in such a quick span of time. Amanda explained that creating content started as a creative outlet. At Front Burner, she was working 9 to 5 and thanks to one of her best friends from college, she looked to TikTok for that escape. She started posting content last summer. Amanda’s first video was a review of a Rent the Runway shipment. Never expecting anything to come of it, the video went viral, assuring her that TikTok could become more than a place to blow off steam after a long day of work.

Photo credit: Amanda DeWitt

Do you want to become a TikToker? Like any public creator experiences, with influencing comes a series of highs and lows. So, if you think influencing is your niche, listen to Amanda’s experience. She shared that the highs of TikTok are exciting. Above all else, she loves having the opportunity to connect with an abundance of people and brands. Some of those brands are companies that have long been admired by her, which she explains feels crazy. She is sure that her followers specifically are “the coolest people on the app!”

Of course, what goes up must come down. Influencing faces both celebration and challenges. Amanda expressed that the frustrations include remaining confident when the views are low on a video that you worked tirelessly on. The TikTok algorithm is complicated and not always rewarding. She emphasizes the importance of defining your own worth. The likes, comments and views are not the end all be all.

Photo credit: Amanda DeWitt

Bringing it to a relatable level, Amanda shares that once upon a time, in high school, she would film vlogs, makeup routines and GRWM videos for her friends on Snapchat, but was too embarrassed to post them anywhere else. But, look at her now… posting videos for her 26.5k followers and never looking back. This proves that everything happens for a reason. In a lot of ways, her now full-time content creating career feels like “what [she] was meant to do.” If you have dreams, follow them. Admirably, at such a young age, Amanda is following hers and not apologizing for it. Let your heart take the reins and you will never be sorry.

Tune in to Amanda’s Instagram stories every Thursday for her weekly Q&A or follow her on TikTok to watch where the magic happens.

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