When In Doubt, Accessorize!

Accessories are how to take your outfit from good to spectacular! Recent runway looks have taken quite the edgy route and are no stranger to juxtaposing more statement elements with more delicate pieces. Here is a list of my picks from the latest accessory trends and how you can incorporate these styles into your everyday outfits.

Statement Bracelets and Rings

Photo credit: Vogue

The bigger the better! Recently, the runway has been showcasing larger pieces in a variety of styles. Don’t be afraid to pair a chunky bangle with bold matching rings.

Over The Kneee Boots

Photo credit: Vogue

This staple piece is here to stay! For the warmer weather, pair structured and bulky silhouettes with a mini skirt. Pictured above are Chanel boots in olive, a rather unique color, that I adore.

Metallic Elements

Photo credit: Vogue

Pairing neutrals with metallics was seen many times on the runway this season. The shine adds an extra pop to your outfit. You can go as bold as you like, as seen above. You can even take a more cautious approach with a metallic bag or jewelry.

Chunky Pearls

Photo credit: Vogue

These pearls are a beautiful way to juxtapose daintiness and statement pieces. Don’t be afraid to opt for larger pearls or add an extra necklace to your stack. It will be sure to take any outfit of yours to the next level, in the classiest way.

Platform Mary Janes

Photo credit: Vogue

As made popular by Valentino in the past month, other designers have followed suit on this bold shoe. Paired with a mini dress or skirt, these shoes pack the height and will be a showstopper at your next event. Explore shoes like these from other designers because this look is here to stay.


Photo credit: Allure Magazine

Veils are not just for your wedding day, as seen on Kendall Jenner. The net detail adds a more formal touch. Could this be a new blend of streetwear with formal wear? Off-White sure does thinks so!

Ivy Nielsen

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