Trend Update: Fall 22′

The Latest Fall Fashion Trend Report

By Meighan Ashford

Doesn’t everyone love this time of the year? The leaves falling, the weather getting a little cooler, the undeniable love of rewatching the same fall movies over and over. Oh, and of course, the extra special trend reports that roll around each year. So then, shall we? 

Baggy Denim/Denim in General:

Good well-fitted denim is an absolute must for any wardrobe. Whether they are vintage or high quality, good denim will forever be a staple in the eyes of fashion forever. But for right now, the baggier, the better. A baggy pair of jeans paired with a fitted top/blouse can make all the difference. 

Leather (Anything):

Everyone has pretty much known this since the leather jacket trend became very popular last year. Leather will forever be that staple that makes you stand out in the best ways imaginable. From skirts to pants, to jackets, leather is the perfect add-on to any wardrobe. 

Color (Especially Patels):

You didn’t think just because it’s fall, that the pastel craze was over did you? I am very delighted to say that pastels aren’t going anywhere—at least for right now anyway. You can gracefully add them to your fall/winter wardrobe by including a few pieces at a time. Ex: a baby pink sweater with brown/tan pants would look amazing together. Never forget your color schemes ladies and gents!


A major trend from this summer that is slowly making its way towards us for the fall/winter and I could not be more excited. Forget the misconception of looking like a cocktail waiter, look like a drop-dead gorgeous fashion boss. There are so many designers and retailers taking on this trend, from Chanel and Dior to Mango and Zara. The sky’s the limit when styling this.  

Ballet Flats:

This has gone crazy. Since we were little our mothers have always dressed us up in these for the start of the fall season and we best believe they are making a huge comeback. From Mui Mui using them on the runway to Dior styling them for campaigns, ballet flats have always been a great addition. They never really went out of style, but flats are making their rounds again. 

By incorporating even the smallest hints of these into your wardrobe, these ideas can with no doubt help shape your wardrobe into getting it ready for what’s to come.

With love and appreciation, Meighan Ashford. 

Meighan Ashford

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