Student Style Profile: Sarah Steinhour

By Shae Walker

At a school like SMU with an abundance of students who radiate “cool girl” energy it can be hard to stand out, but Sarah Steinhour seems to never fall short. Sarah, a Miami native, is currently in her junior year and is majoring in film. Outside of classes, Sarah is a member of the Alpha Chi Omega chapter and recently has started a personal styling business (@styledbystein). Read more to learn a little more about Sarah and how she achieves her effortlessly cool looks.


Shae Walker: Describe your style in 3 words.

Sarah Steinhour: “I would say forward-thinking, edgy, and bold.”

SW: Where do you primarily shop?

SS: “Primarily Poshmark, Farfetch, Tiger Mist, Zara, and Rent the Runway.”

Image Courtesy of Sarah Steinhour

SW: If you could raid one person’s closet who would it be?

SS: “Definitely Sarah Jessica Parker”

SW: Where do you draw inspiration from?

SS: “Mostly Pinterest and Vogue Celebrity Looks Break Down Videos. Although, If I’ve been stuck on a certain genre of music my outfits will typically reflect that.”

SW: If you could only wear one piece for the rest of your life, what would it be?

SS: “100% my Louis Vuitton Blue Denim Pleaty Bag.”

SW: What are your beauty essentials?

SS: “Rare Beauty Liquid Blush, waterproof mascara and a glowy pink lip gloss.”

SW: What are your go-to spots in Dallas?

SS: “North Park has everything you could need, but the shops in Greenville have the secret good stuff.”

SW: What is your favorite look you’ve ever worn?

SS: “This full glitter blazer I wore for my 21st birthday from SLA the label.”

Image Courtesy of Sarah Steinhour

Shae Walker

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