Obsessed With Tik Tok? You’re Not Alone

By Tyler Martin

TikTok has undoubtedly become one of the most popular social media platforms to date. With all of the negative talk around social media and the rumors of TikTok being banned in the U.S., I wanted to shed light on the positive things I have implemented from what I have learned on the app.

Trendy Recipes

Whatever you’re in the mood for, even if you are diet restricted, a simple search on TikTok will provide tons of recipe ideas. Next time you want to recreate a famous Erewhon smoothie or learn how to make at-home sushi, TikTok can lend a hand. When the recipe videos are set to music, short and engaging, they are way more entertaining and enjoyable compared to googling.

Unique Workouts

There are so many workouts that different creators have shared on the platform. Many are familiar with the “3 / 12 / 30” which is a treadmill workout that’s low impact, but really challenging cardio that has a multitude of benefits. One day on the app, I discovered a similar treadmill workout from the creator Brittany Hugoboom. It is based on a treadmill workout designed for the Victoria Secret Angels created by their fitness trainers. I have been doing this treadmill workout every day for the past several weeks and I love how I feel after each session. Given this exercise is completed in 38 minutes, there’s no reason you can’t squeeze it in, even amongst our busy schedules. 

Healthy Habits

There are many creators on TikTok whose videos are dedicated to health and wellness and they continually inspire me. For the longest time, I kept seeing videos of people switching from coffee to matcha and how the switch has led them to experience less anxiety and gain more energy throughout the day. I made the switch just under a month ago and so far it has been easier than I thought to lean off coffee. Since switching to matcha, I certainly haven’t missed the caffeine crash and instead appreciate the more even, sustained energy.

Digital Vision Boards

Who knew TikTok could so easily replace Pinterest even when it comes to vision boards? Vision boards can include anything… a glass of water to encourage you to hydrate, a clothing item you are lusting towards, or a tropical destination on your travel bucket list, just to name a few. I have come across many inspiring, fun vision board-esque videos that are set to music on TikTok which help motivate me. There are super specific videos in this category, so you’re bound to find a video for you.

Outfit Inspiration

TikTok has become the place to go for outfit inspiration as so many different creators from all over the world share their take on trends and sense of personal style. TikTok varies from other social media platforms when it comes to sharing fashion as the content feels more authentic and less staged. As much as I love to see creators all done up for an event, I have found O.O.T.D. videos to be the most fun, especially when paired with songs we all love. 

Travel Destinations

When planning a trip, it’s ironic that the first place we go is TikTok. TikTok is flooded with information as creators highlight new restaurants, great outdoor spots and the best places to stay. With our summer travels coming up, you’re bound to find a new favorite spot just by a simple refresh of your “fyp”.

So before we say goodbye to TikTok, let’s not forget all of the fun and laughs that your first TikTok dance brought you. Now the app has evolved from mostly silly, dancing videos, there is so much more to discover. 

Tyler Martin

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