What to Wear in “Barbie Land”

By Caroline Pierce

Let’s be honest, a trip to Barbie Land is a dream for most. From sunny skies, pink paved streets, nightly discos, and fabulous fashion, Barbie Land truly has it all. The new movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling lets audiences experience this plastic utopia. While we can not get our hands on the iconic fashion in the Dream House closet, these pieces are available in the real world!

Zara, Barbie™ The Movie ©Warner Bros. Halter top, $49.90 – Full-length pants, $89.90

Come on Barbie let’s go…square dancing! Although Barbie’s journey of self-rediscovery does not lead to pink denim, her western-inspired look still stole the hearts of viewers. Zara brought Cowgirl Barbie to life and created this gorgeous metallic set.

Versace, Medusa Biggie Single-Breasted Blazer, $2,125

Now that Ken has decided he specializes in other things besides “beach,” this Versace suit is perfect for Barbie Land. The bright blue color mimics the ocean waves and the sophisticated Medusa biggie hardware is perfect for channeling your inner Ken.

Bloomingdales, Gia Borghini Women’s Pointed Toe High Heel Sandals, $273

To keep your heels off the ground and avoid panic over “flat feet,” a glamorous high heel is a must! Even though Raquelle was not featured in the Barbie movie, we must give tribute to her iconic purple. These pointed-toe heels are perfect for walking around the Dream House or dancing at a disco.

Revolve, Simkhai Lenny Mini Dress in Black, $645

Pink is not the only color that Barbie wears! Fans were shocked as Margot Robbie wore a beautiful black dress to the Barbie premiere. Many believe Robbie made this bold choice to showcase the variety in Barbie fashion. Simkhai’s black dress is perfect for Barbie Land with its crystal embellished neckline that adds flair to this elegant look.

Zara, Striped Linen Blend Oversized Shirt, $45.90

Beach days in Barbie Land call for stylish linen. This striped Zara shirt is perfect for a game of beach volleyball in the never-ending sun. All you need now is matching shorts to get Ken’s fluorescent beach look!

LuisAviaroma, Des Phemmes Embellished georgette crop top, $385 

Going to your nightly disco in Barbie Land and have nothing to wear? Well, this gorgeous crop top is a must-have. The embellished flowers and pink crystals make this piece a showstopper. Sadly, Rockstar Barbie was not featured in the film, but I know this would be in her closet.

Zara, Striped Barbie™ Mattel Swimsuit, $59.90

Recognize this swimsuit? Zara created a swimsuit inspired by Barbie’s vintage black and white swimsuit worn in the opening scene of the Barbie movie. Even though summer is coming to an end, this Barbie approved swimsuit is timeless!

Farfetch, Alessandra Rich bon-bon pendant pear necklace, $391

No Barbie can leave her Dreamhouse without accessories! This candy necklace gives a sweet twist to any classy ensemble and would definitely be sold out in Barbie Land stores.

Caroline Pierce

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