Dazzling Details from Louis Vuitton’s Winter Menswear Collection to Add to Your Wardrobe

By Mari Sato

Despite its status as a pillar of fashion, Western-style clothing is more than just an aesthetic-it’s a lifestyle. Beloved Western staples like boots and jeans hold value for genuine cowhands not only for their style, but for their functionality. At our very own SMU, Boulevards would not be the same without the sea of cowboy boots and hats. Pharrell seems to agree with this sentiment, as seen in his latest collection for Louis Vuitton, which draws inspiration from both the cinematic representation of the Western cowboy and the more realistic narrative of a multicultural movement. Pharrell emphasized that this collection represents the true original cowboy, as not all cowboys are John Wayne doppelgängers. In reality, the first cowboys were primarily of Hispanic and African descent. With this in mind, Pharrell aimed to pay homage to the Native “Horse Nations” of the American Plains, such as the Lakota Tribe, by including the work of Native artists as well as music co-produced by himself and Lakota “Hokie” Clairmont. The pieces seen throughout the show utilize rich natural shades, subtle textures and bold patterns, offering a refreshed yet authentic perspective on Western wear. In this article, I will share some of my favorite details from the collection and how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe.

Ribbon and Necklace Neckties
Neck accessories played a prominent role throughout Pharrell’s collection, with many models showcasing unique ribbons and Bolo Tie-inspired necklaces on the runway. Personally, I have fallen for the ribbon craze, so I loved seeing Pharrell’s creative rendition of the trend. Some of the ribbons were adorned with the classic LV iconography brought to life by intricate embroidery and beads, while others featured a more subtle yet beautiful lace texture. The collection deviated from the traditional necktie, opting for necklaces reminiscent of Bolo Ties. Departing from the typical leather and turquoise, Pharrell took a bold approach, crafting the pieces in gold and silver. To channel this style in your own looks, consider adding a necklace with a pendant or ribbon under your collar for a more elevated look.

Detailed Denim, Jacket
Denim is a crucial component in any collection that aspires to embody American Western style, and Pharrell definitely took that to heart. However these aren’t your basic blue jeans; his denim pieces featured intricate details, offering a more eye-catching interpretation of this closet essential. If you love this look as much as I do, but Louis Vuitton is not in the budget, search for denim with eclectic hardware, funky pockets, and subtle textures. Trendy retailers such as Revolve and Free People frequently carry distinctive denim styles that can help you infuse a unique flair to your outfits without overpowering them.

Embroidery Decals and Studs Galore
Pharrell has garnered a reputation for his unique stylistic choices, ranging from his bold color palette to his use of embroidery and decals. In this collection, Pharrell showcased his unique style by incorporating symbolic patches, including longhorns, cacti, horses, flora and fauna on the jackets and pants showcased. He also presented his take on the Yoke shirt, a silhouette commonly associated with cowboy culture, embellishing it with studs and buttons made of turquoise and other patterns. Finding basic pieces with not-so-basic features, especially in outerwear, is a great way to add intrigue to an outfit while simultaneously expressing one’s personality.

Mari Sato

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