Fall Break with the Look Staff

From San Fran to Chicago, members of the Look staff were looking stylish in every city!

Top Shelf: Faith Tell

Learn from the SMU student/makeup pro who hates beauty blenders!

Last Minute Fall Break Ideas

No plans for fall break? It’s not too late!

Paris Fashion Week Recap

A recap of the best shows and trends to look out for next season.

Not so Forever…

Bankrupt Forever 21 grasps for a new wave of clients.

Take a Look: Grace Randall

Madonna said it best, Express Yourself!

Ralph Lauren releases Friends inspired collection

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Friends, Ralph Lauren has released a collection of clothing inspired by the character who worked for them.

Take a Look: Bailey Harrison

Who is Bailey Harrison? I’m here to let you in on this Dallas-based, eco-friendly fashion secret.

SMU Look X The Real Real

Faux or real? The Real Real had SMU Fashionistas guessing!