Self-Tanner Scaries Solved

By: Camden Moore

It’s a tale as old as time. And true as it can be: being tanner makes you feel better.

You would think in Texas, where it is 70+ degrees year-round, I would be able to keep a nice tan from lying out at the tanning pool.

Sadly, college gets in the way and I am stuck inside studying for most of the day. But, I’m left with few other options. Don’t even get me started on the harmful effects of the tanning beds.

Dermatologists have reiterated this for years that UV radiation from the sun, tanning beds or sun lamps may cause skin cancer. UV radiation also has damaging effects on the immune system and can cause premature aging, leaving skin with a wrinkled and leathery appearance.

As my mother says way too often, “Wear sunscreen. You and your skin will thank me.”

Well mom, as always, you are right.

So now four years into college, I have slowly sworn off the tanning beds. Although it is a nice treat for a formal here and there, paying for a spray tan every other week has created a hole in my wallet.

With the help of some friends, I tested a few self-tanners that girls around campus absolutely love to use on a day-to-day basis.

Keep in mind this is my personal experience and can change for each person and each skin type:

In third place:

Jergens Natural Glow – $9


I have olive-pigmented skin and am naturally tanner than most so I used the medium to dark color. I knew I didn’t have time to put on tanner and wash it off but it was perfect and felt more like putting on a daily lotion rather than a self-tanner. At first I did not think it did much, but friends were still complimenting my tan days after applying the lotion.

Runner – Up:

L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze – $10.99


One of my friends uses this over the weekends to achieve a naturally bronze glow. By using it daily, the tan will gradually build and then once you have acquired the level of tan you want, you continue to use it one to two times a week to maintain your tan. My favorite part of this self-tanner is it has a better scent than many I’ve used before. It also has a small sparkle that makes your skin pop. My friend has also commented on the fact that is does not come off as splotchy as other tanners.

First place:

St. Tropez Self Tan – $44


This is a favorite among most girls around campus. This is the self-tanner I have used for the last few years. I love the express tan for when I want to leave the tanner on for a few hours before I leave for an event. However, the St. Tropez Dark is my go to. It comes out as dark foam that you spray onto a mitt before applying it in an upward circular motion onto your skin. The dark shade has an olive undertone, which works well with my skin. You can also see where you’re applying the foam so it won’t come out streaky. Even though it says seven hours, it develops much faster, fades evenly and appears more natural than most self-tanners I have used. . Although it is more expensive than some others, it’s worth the extra money.

My Personal Tips for Self-Tanning:

1. Exfoliate your skin before applying tanner.

2. Use coconut oil on you elbows and knees to avoid streaks.

3. Avoid wrist, knuckles, ankles and neck until the end. You don’t want to overdo it in those areas.

4. Let it dry before putting on clothing and avoid tight clothing for the first few hours.

5. When you’re ready to shower, just rinse; don’t scrub.

Voila! You are glowing and ready to go!

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