5 Chic & Easy Halloween Costumes

By: Madison Klatt

The perfect Halloween costume is hard to achieve. And lets be real, we don’t all have the resources to dress up like Heidi Klum at her annual Halloween party. It can be costly and time consuming to execute a stellar transformation. As the holidays, midterms, and Halloween sneak up on us, it is easy to lose track of time, especially when the weather is telling us it is still summer. This time of the year is stressful enough, why spend more money on a costume that will be worn for a couple hours and left in a landfill shortly after. Don’t overthink your Halloween costume this season. Shop your closet and buy affordable pieces you will wear again to build a polished disguise.

Here are some quick, go-to costumes that are sure to make you look sleek and effortless on a whim:

#1 Skeleton

Photo credit: Daily Mail UK

J.Lo makes scary look fiercely chic in this “haute couture skeleton” costume. For this look, she wore a Michael Costello floral gown with over-the-elbow leather gloves. To recreate this dark, glamorous look, pull out your little black dress, and style it with long, black gloves and contacts. Check out this YouTube video to accomplish a makeup inspired look to complete your costume.

#2 Cleopatra

Photo credit: Entertainment Weekly

Emily Ratajkowski’s golden Cleopatra getup is sultry yet polished. Her smoky eye, chic black bob, gold chocker, clear heels, and iridescent catsuit are simple elements that bring this look to life.

#3 Cowgirl

Photo credit: Vogue

Draw inspiration anywhere from Toy Story’s Woody, to Jessica Simpson in Dukes of Hazzard, and everything in between. Think rodeo glam. This western look is a breeze for any Southern belle. Cowboy boots. Cowboy hat. Plaid T-shirt. Denim. Fringe. Studded belt. Fur. Animal prints. Turquoise. Earth tones. Big hair. The possibilities are limitless when achieving a couture cowgirl costume.

#4 Aviator


For this costume, channel your inner Amelia Earhart. 30s fashion. Menswear. Top Gun vibes. Aviator goggles. Leather flying cap. Neck scarf. Leather bomber jacket. Leather driving gloves. Combat boots. Luggage.

#5 Barbie

Photo credit: Diego Campo

To achieve this look, Paris Hilton paired a Missguided swimsuit under black leggings. Any black jeans, vegan leather pants, or athletic-like leggings in your closet will work for this costume. To polish this look off, the hotel heiress sported a slicked back ponytail to give a perfectly plastic illusion. Finally, add your own personal touch by choosing your favorite pair of pumps to complete this look.

Don’t sweat the perfect costume. Use what you already own to build your own unique take of one of these five looks. Only buy clothes and accessories that you will wear again in order to enhance your ensemble. Have fun recreating these costumes, and have a Happy Halloween!

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