3 DIY Halloween Makeup Ideas

By: Gabby Grubb

Halloween is right around the corner, and the costume parties have already began. Instead of spending money you don’t have, on a costume you’ll only wear once, try these fun Halloween makeup ideas that you can do with makeup you already have.

1. The Half Skull

half skull.png

What you need:

– Black Pencil Eyeliner

– Black Liquid Eyeliner

– White Eye Shadow

– Brown Eye Shadow

To accomplish this look, start off by doing your makeup as you regularly would. Then darken your eye shadow and thicken your eyeliner. Use a brightener on the inner corners of eyes. Next, use the pencil eyeliner to draw out the skull. Fill the inside of the skull with white eyeshadow and do the detailing with the brown eyeshadow. Finally go over the black outlines with liquid eyeliner and use a setting spray to complete the look.

2. The Zebra


What you need:

– Black Liquid Eyeliner

– White Eye Shadow

– Mascara

This look is simple to do but looks bold. Start by doing your normal face makeup, but when you get to the eyes, surround them with white eye shadow. Set the eye shadow with setting spray. Then use the liquid eyeliner to create the zebra stripes and line your eye. Use a lot of mascara for bold lashes. When you’re happy with the look, finish with setting spray.

3. The Scare Crow

Scare Crow.jpg

What you need:

– Blush

– Pink Eye Shadow

– Pink Lipstick

– Black Eyeliner (Pencil or Liquid)

To get this look, do a very natural face as you normally would. Then, use the blush to make pink circles on your cheek. Then use the pink eyeshadow to create a pink nose. Use the eyeliner to create the stitches on the nose and in the corners of your mouth. Finish the look by applying the lipstick and using setting spray.

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