Travel Beauty Essentials

Whether you’re heading home or going on a vacation, traveling during the Holidays can be a nightmare. The stress of security lines, the thousands of people concentrated in one area, and sitting in a confined seat for hours on end would make anyone feel disheveled. Lucky for you, there are several tips and tricks to maintain the feeling of beauty and wellness while traveling this Holiday season.

Kiss Germs Goodbye

With person after person sitting in the same seat, touching the same tray table and seatbelt as you are now, the amount of germ exposure you’re getting is enormous. That’s why you should always have a little hand-sanitizer ready to go. You may even want to go with the scented kind for a touch of aromatherapy as well.

Wipe it all away

No one wants to spend their break sick, right?! And if just cleaning your hands is not good enough, a packet of travel sized wipes is the way to stay clean AF on the airplane. Before the flight you should wipe down the seat, the tray table, the belt buckle and all the things you touch that everyone and their mother has touched too.

…. Oh, and get the bathroom while you’re at it

Packets of disposable toilet seat covers are a thing, and a thing you should invest in! Definitely not the most glamorous travel item, but an essential one. These things are ideal for traveling and discrete enough in size so that when you take them out mid-flight there’s no need to be embarrassed. Plus, you’re being proactive about keeping yourself healthy, so what’s there to be embarrassed about?!

Hydrate it

The air inside a plane is not as moist as the air we’re used to on the ground. It dries out the skin. It’s so important to keep your face and hands moisturized, especially during the winter time. So don’t forget to throw your favorite TSA-approved lotion or cream into your carry on. (remember to wash your hands of all the airport germs before applying to your face!)

Don’t forget the lips

Ok, so you may not be expecting to kiss anyone under the mistletoe this year, but keeping your lips hydrated and healthy is crucial. We all know cracked, chapped, or dry lips are uncomfortable so keep a lip balm close by. In fact, keep one is every bag you carry and I promise you your lips will never know the word “chapped” again.

The easiest way to feel refreshed is by…

brushing your teeth or changing your socks. Pick one or both! Tossing a clean pair of socks into your carry on may not be something you normally think about doing, but trust me when I say putting on fresh socks after a long day of walking and standing is one of the best feelings. And not to mention fresh breath can make you go from “meh” to “yeah!” as well. Take advantage of travel-sized, just-add-water toothbrushes the next time you have a long flight.

Smells like travel

Under all those layers and through the sweat of running around the airport lies body odor. You know it, I know it, we all know that no one smells great after a day of traveling. But, bring a little stick of deodorant and that problem should clear right up! Apply mid- or post-flight and you won’t be afraid to reach out your arms to hug your loved ones once you’ve arrived.

Perfume is great too

There’s nothing like the smell of your own perfume coming from you. It gives a boost of confidence because you know that you’re not the one stinking up the whole plane. Not to mention it awakens the sense of smell. Gliding on a swoosh of your stick perfume is a no brainer when it comes to refreshing yourself.

Get some beauty sleep! No, like really

Sleeping masks are a great invention. Take it from Holly Golightly! She’s absolutely glamorous and well-rested thanks to her sleeping mask. In this day and age there are so many comfortable and stylish masks to choose from–how could you not take one with you. Block out the beaming reading light of person next to you and sleep away the time as you head to wherever you’re going. Wakeup refreshed and ready to face baggage claim.

Mckenna Dersam

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