5 hair products to add to your weekly routine

By: Marisol Leiva

A woman’s hair is arguably the most noticeable part of her beauty, at least the first. A good or bad hair day can indicate your mood for the day. It’s true you feel better after a great blow out and have an emotional attachment the day you schedule your hair cut.

So here are some products to add to a weekly routine to take care and show off that incredible mane.

1. Shampoo & Conditioner

Function of Beauty- personalized hair care unique to you

This isn’t your regular shampoo and conditioner. Function of Beauty allows you to customize your products by taking a hair quiz describing your hair type, structure, and moisture. Then you choose your 5 hair goals, scent and color. And taadaa! You get your custom shampoo and conditioner that get the job done and make you excited to wash your hair!


Shampoo and Conditioner

2. Thickening Spray

Bumble and Bumble thickening spray

Apply this spray to damp hair before styling to create volume and lift to your do. This is perfect for creating waves or curls, the extra texture helps give volume to clean hair to help it last. Perfect if your hair is on the flatter side and want to get the extra oomph!

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 9.39.25 PM.png

Thickening Spray

3. Moisturizing Cream

Oribe Supershine light moisturizing cream

This moisturizing cream is one of Rachel Zoe’s favorites that was included in her quarterly Box of Style. A small dab spread throughout styled hair helps keep wispies down without the look of heavy oils on your head. It works great with sleek or beachy styles.


Moisturizing Creme

4. Dry Conditioner

Drybar Detox Dry conditioner

Unlike dry shampoo, the conditioner extends the life of your hairstyle by keeping your ends hydrated, silky, and frizz free. This dry conditioner is key to keep your hair smooth and eliminating the stiffness in the ends. Plus, it smells amazing!

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 9.42.19 PM.png

Dry Conditioner

5. Masks

Hair masks are the perfect at home remedy for salon quality treatments. Most masks serve the same purpose, to add an extra layer of moisture to protect your hair from heat, breakage, color, or anything else. One of the best hydrating hair masks is Moroccan Oil intense hydrating mask. All you need is to dedicate 5 minutes after washing your hair to apply the mask and let it sit then rinse. This mask is great for thin damaged hair and thick healthy hair. It is a great addition to a weekly routine to fortify your locks.



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