Take a Look: Lauren White

By: Camille Ulam

On a sunny afternoon in Deep Ellum, we met Lauren White, the ultimate style guru and Instagram star. Her bubbly personality reflected in the vibrant clothing she wore for our fun-filled photo shoot throughout the colorful neighborhood. This Texas girl brings her “A” game from head to toe, never missing a beat, or shall we say trend.

SMULOOK_ Dallasblogger2018

SMULOOK_ Dallasblogger2018

SMULOOK_ Dallasblogger2018

SMULOOK_ Dallasblogger2018

SMU Look: How would you describe your style?

Lauren White: Out there- but in the best way possible. My typical fashion advice to friends when buying clothes is to buy the most out-there thing on the rack because you can always borrow the basics from your friends.

SL: How do you use social media?

LW: My social media, in a way, indicates how my life is going. I tend to keep my social sites very professional with a sort of theme going with them. In today’s day and age, I think of your social media as a brand of yourself. As my favorite artist, Ashley Longshore, says, “The name of the game is branding, people. It’s about value. I’m trying to turn myself into a Birkin bag.”

SL: What has your experience been with brands contacting you to post on your Instagram?

LW: The first brand that contacted me was Dr Pepper, which was a dream come true. Typically, just like Dr Pepper, a brand will normally comment on a picture or DM me on Instagram. Either the company is very open in asking to send me a product in return for a review or a post on that product. Otherwise, the brand, like Hunter Boots, is very serious about not revealing who they are until I sign a contract and then they will send me the products.

SMULOOK_ Dallasblogger2018

Street style LW.jpeg

SMULOOK_ Dallasblogger2018

SL: Would you ever create your own blog? What type of content would you post?

LW: I am 99% sure I will create one during this semester. The content that would be posted will be things that are relevant to me (styles I have tried, makeup tricks, gifts to get for your BFF during holidays or birthdays). I have probably taken too long to create a blog because I’m trying to figure out how I would keep it 100% real and 100% me.

SMULOOK_ Dallasblogger2018

SMULOOK_ Dallasblogger2018

SMULOOK_ Dallasblogger2018

Of course, a round of rapid fire:

SL: Favorite stores to shop online?

LW: Missguided, Revolve, Nastygal

SL: Celebrity or blogger muse?

LW: I am in love with Danielle Bernstein who runs a blog named We Wore What. She inspires me to constantly try new daring styles and mix up my look.

SL: Favorite Dallas restaurant?

LW: Anything sushi, poke, or ramen is a definite fave!

SL: Favorite fashion trend?

LW: Fave trend of the moment – Baker Boy Hats. I love them. You can throw them on with practically anything and you immediately look like a cute, preppy girl straight off the streets of London.

SL: Least favorite trend?

LW: Those weird, dad, old, dirty plumber looking shoes. I don’t know who decided they needed to make these and also make the price tag a ridiculous number, but they need to GO.

SL: Dream job?

LW: I guess my dream job would be an influencer on social media. I know it is very unlikely, but to be able to travel the world in order to show off my style in beautiful places is nothing I would EVER complain about.

SL: Beauty product you can’t live without?

LW: Mascara is a must for me. My favorites at the moment are L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara or Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara.

Now it’s time to follow Lauren on Instagram @theloudblond!

Photos by: Camille Ulam

Camille Ulam

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