About Time: The New Wearable Tech

This article originally appeared in the Fall 2017 issue of SMU Look.

By: Courtney Kilborn

The terms “wearable technology” and “smartwatch” have been synonymous with the Apple Watch and Fitbit over the past few years, but new fashion-focused competitors are rapidly entering this market to shake up the industry. Bulky, black, plastic watches have been replaced with fashionable accessories. Screens, no screens, leather, semi-previous stones, 18-karat gold — nothing is too much for this batch of smart style.

Ringly, $99

RIngly is revolutionizing the industry by expanding past watches. The company has created one of the first available “smart rings,” which has no screens, chargers or buttons. Instead, it looks like a normal cocktail ring while syncing with your iOS or Android device to alert you via vibrations of any calls or messages you miss while your phone is in your bag.

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Marc Jacobs Riley Hybrid, $175

For those conscious of both price and style, the Marc Jacobs’ Riley Hybrid watch is the perfect choice. The company is one of the newest players to enter the smartwatch market with this launch back in August. The watch comes in black and white with sleek, metallic details that match any outfit. The product features notifications, activity tracking and music controls.

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Photo credit: Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton T. Horizon, $2,450

While it may come with a steep price tag, this Louis Vuitton timepiece proves to the fashion-savvy that the smartwatch look can be more high0end than geeky gadget. The Tambour Horizon utilizes LV’s famous monogram and pairs it with some serious travel-focused tech to create a luxury jetsetter’s dream watch.

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