Get the Look: Mamma Mia

While many of us spend time scrolling through Instagram to find inspiration for what to wear via our favorite bloggers, fictional characters can influence us just as much. With Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and countless other streaming sites, wardrobe inspiration is right at our fingertips from all kinds of TV shows and movies. In “Get the Look,” I will share ways to channel your favorite characters from the big screen in your everyday life.

First up is the star of the feel-good movie of the summer. In Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again, a young Donna Sheridan, played by Lily James, gives off all the best 70s vibes from disco queen to laid-back hippie. Here is some inspiration for when you want to bring out your inner dancing queen.

Mamma Mia outfit
Mamma Mia outfit pieces Photo credit: Caroline Sheridan

1. Floppy Hat

Perfect to wear when frolicking around Greece, or protecting yourself from the summer sun in Dallas.

2. Metallic Crop Top

You’ll be ready for the stage in this sparkly top (even if it is just the Homebar stage).

3. Denim Jacket

The floral details elevate this denim jacket from a wardrobe staple to a statement piece.

4. Overalls

Practical, comfortable and cute, Donna practically lives in her overalls, even into her older years.

5. Denim Bralette

Channel Donna’s beachy look, whether or not you are wearing it on a boat in Greece (a girl can dream).

6. Maxi Skirt

Finish off your Mediterranean look with a timeless maxi skirt to match Donna’s.

7. Bell Bottoms

You can’t channel the 1970s without a pair of bell bottoms. The cropped length and raw hem will switch things up from your go-to flares.

8. Gold Platforms

Pair these with your favorite spandex and you could be the fifth member of ABBA.

9. Tunic

Easy to wear with effortless hippie vibes.

Caroline Sheridan

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