From Suits and Ties to Denim That Fits the Thighs

What is the single most versatile item of clothing you own? Well I can easily answer this, it’s my jeans. Whether going to Deep Ellum for the bar scene or going to Trulucks for dinner in Uptown, jeans fit the bill perfectly. To be clear, I am not saying the same pair of jeans is suitable for each occasion! From ripped and torn light navy jeans, to the dark navy slim cut jeans, denim has become suitable for every event whether it be street or more stylish. The biggest benefit about men’s denim nowadays is the amount of selection you have to pick and choose from. This craze for jeans was brought on by the demand for a more tailored look in men’s pants and denim is not excluded.

With more stores like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Stanley Korshak selling upper echelon jeans, it’s apparent that people are willing to spend big bucks to get the jeans they want. This growing trend has pushed away men from the likes of your dads Wranglers or your uncles Levis. . For example, brands like Fidelity, AG, J Brand, and FRAME are all the new kids on the block. Along with being new, these brands are also some of the most expensive with prices ranging from $96 to $960.

Ramon, a personal stylist at Neiman Marcus, is a personal shopper who is always dressed to the nines. Fitted in his Stefano Richie suit and navy-blue suede shoes, Ramon knows how to help you find the look you need. With his expertise and ability to find clothing that adapts to your body, you can confidently trust his recommendations.

“When I am looking for jeans for a customer, I just straight up ask the waist size and go down one size to give them the fitted look,” says Ramon.

Ramon’s go to denim brands are Frame, Fidelity, Zegna, and Peter Millar.

“These brands don’t fit everyone’s look and body style,” says Ramon. “Frame is for the younger guy, where Peter Millar would be for an older guy.”

Here are some takeaways, guys:

1. Yes, you are spending a good amount of money on your jeans- but they are a staple
2. They will look better on you the any other pair of Levis and/or Wrangler because you can get that tailored fit
3. Once you get a pair you will never go back (sorry wallet)
4. You can dress them up or dress them down for any occasion
5. They don’t stretch out and they hold their shape really well over a long period of time

John Russell Niederer

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