I Tried It: Blowout Hack

What’s better than sitting in Dry Bar, champagne in hand, “The Proposal” playing on the TV in front of you, with your hair perfectly blown out? Not much.

However, when it comes to recreating that glamourous blowout look at home, it’s trickier than it seems. It takes talent to spin a round brush through your hair with one hand and hold the hairdryer in the other. I simply don’t have that talent whatsoever so I usually end up blow-drying my hair straight. Unfortunately, I usually end up looking like a 12-year-old with boring hair. But, as luck would have it, stumbled upon the Chi Air Amplitude Ceramic Heated hair brush.

The round heated brush allows you to create the perfect blowout look without the struggle of juggling the hair dryer and round brush. The heated brush is seriously so easy to use and actually works. After blow-drying or air-drying your hair, just wrap a section of hair around the brush and brush it through. You’ll end up with a perfect bouncy blowout in minutes.

Additionally, there are flat heated brushes that straighten and tame the hair just by brushing it. It’s a quick way to get your hair looking fabulous.

Of course getting your hair blown out will always be a treat, but if you can’t make it to Dry Bar and want the same results heated brushes are the perfect tool.


Here are some more options of heated brushes to upgrade your look:

  1. Chi Air Amplitude Ceramic Heated hair brush ($99.99)

  2. BaByliss Pro Rapido Rollup Thermal Round Brush ($69.99)

  3. Amika Interchangeable Thermal Brush ($150)

  4. Dry Bar Heated Straightening Brush ($145)

Emma Castner

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