Nordstrom x Something Navy

The 31-year-old blogger Arielle Charnas, known for her fashion blog Something Navy, just released a clothing brand exclusively sold at Nordstrom on Tuesday, and we are SO excited. The reasonably-priced brand features everything from accessories to shoes to pants running from sizes 00-18. The long-anticipated launch was so big that within the first 24-hours the brand sold over $1 million worth of product. Unfortunately, because of the high number of customers, the Nordstrom website experienced a glitch, causing many customers to be unable to purchase the items. Luckily, the next line of Something Navy is set to launch in the winter. We can expect bright winter coats and winter accessories.

So how does the mother of three small children handle a popular blog and a new clothing line? In an interview with Fashionista, Charnas said, “It’s definitely a challenge, but I’m always, always busy. I really feel like I don’t ever have a second; if I’m not working, I’m being a mother. It’s definitely taught me to be patient and prioritize and try to balance out my days. It’s not impossible because I do it, but it feels impossible.”

The inspiration of the Nordstrom x Something Navy brand came directly from the blogger’s followers. They would constantly ask her where they could get a great white shirt, a pair of ripped jeans or a fun winter coat, so Charnas decided to give her followers exactly what they wanted.

“I basically just listened to everything they asked for, everything they’re looking for and I create it, but with my own little twist on it that I know that they would appreciate,” Charnas told Fashionista.

Fortunately for us Dallas girls, Charnas is in town promoting her brand at the Nordstrom at NorthPark Center this Thursday from 5 to 7 p.m.

Emma Castner

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