The Latest Hair Trend You Need to Try (Again)

Step aside scrunchies, hair clips are the new throwback accessory making a major comeback this season. Once used to pin back regrettable side bangs, pearly barrettes and tortoise clips are now being used to elevate simple hairstyles instantly. This street style trend has taken spring 2019 NYFW by storm, with one brand in particular standing out as a blogger favorite: Valet Studio.

Valet features a wide variety of handmade resin hair accessories, but each piece is equally wearable and charming. From classic sparkly clips (that you’re pretty sure you owned in elementary school) to amber beaded sculptural barrettes, Valet has it all.

Not sure if you can pull off the look? The beauty of this trend is that it’s buildable. While your favorite Instagram influencer may have five oversized clips pinning down her perfectly undone blowout, starting out with one simpler pearlescent barrette can help you ease into this trend.

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@valetstudio has the prettiest hair clips

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These accessories are also a must-try for anyone who loves statement earrings. While these may seem totally different, pinning back one or both sides of your hair with intricate resin clips gives a similar face-framing effect.

Whether you opt for a layered or more simple style, do your inner child a favor and give this look a go.

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It takes a village (of hair clips)

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