What to Wear: Celebration of Lights

By Meighan Ashford

As the chilly weather sweeps across Dallas, the event of the season is upon us. In one week President Turner will read the classic children’s story The Christmas Story as the students of SMU wait in the cold for the Christmas tree to be lit. Take a look down below at the best outfits to wear to the bright event. 


A sweater and jeans will always be the most basic, but a go-to outfit that anybody could pull together. Add a little bit of an edge with a chunky boot, oversized scarf or with some festive accessories of your choosing. Without a doubt a classic outfit for fall and winter. 

Photo by Ella McDonald

The Sweater Dress 

I know some people don’t like being cold with their outfits, but a nice pair of tights can go a long way. As long as you are bundled up you don’t need to be scared of pairing dresses or even skirts during this time of the year. Add some tights, tall boots or a long coat to help keep warm.


One of my favorite looks to play with during this weather. Monochrome can make you look chic and put together in the simplest of ways. It does not take much work and you can use what is already in your closet. Black is always a winter classic but an all-white look can add that elegant holiday feel. 

The best accessory will always be confidence no matter what you’re wearing. As always, with love and appreciation, Meighan Ashford.

Meighan Ashford

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