Study Spots at & around SMU

Believe it or not, studying is a major part of collegiate life. After syllabus weekends and the back-to-school parties dwindle, several hours of study time will be scheduled into your school days. Whether you are a freshman writing your first DISC paper, a senior working through your capstone or anything in-between, check out these study spots at and around SMU’s campus!

Between Classes:

It is no secret that the SMU libraries are a great resource. Undoubtedly, you find your “spot” among the floors of Fondren—god forbid anyone else takes it. But there are so many other spots on SMU’s campus to get work done between classes.

The ALEC is useful in that tutors are always there to keep you on task. If you can make your way through the maze that is meadows, the Hamon Arts Library is often much less crowded than Fondren and has floor to ceiling windows for plenty of natural light. Each of the residential commons also has a designated study space. Some even have classrooms! Now that’s as convenient as it gets.

The Great Outdoors:

When the Texas weather permits, make sure to soak in some Vitamin D while studying—everyone loves a multitasker! Lounge on the lawn in front of Dallas hall or grab a table outside Hughes Trigg, at the bottom of the stairs leading to Cox, or in front of the café in the law quad.

Grind Time: Stay energized while studying with caffeine boosts from these local coffee spots.

La La Land Kind Cafe:
Featured in our last issue, La La Land Kind Cafe is the latest and tastiest study spot off of lower Greenville. This yellow-accented house has a cozy vibe and both indoor and outdoor seating.

Further north on Greenville is Halcyon, a quirky cafe, bar, and lounge that has an unbeatable selection of beverages and is always super lively.

Toasted Coffee + Kitchen:

Check out Toasted Coffee + Kitchen for some delicious bites while you work. It is a great place to study alone and spacious enough to come with a big group. And don’t worry if you forget your headphones, they always play the best music.

Royal Blue Grocery:

Royal Blue Grocery in Highland Park Village has a more upscale atmosphere than those previously mentioned. This urban market has everything you need for a study session with friends.

While studying and completing your homework is super important, never forget to make time for fun too. Work hard, play harder!

Caroline Lidl

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