Elevate Your Wellness Game: Celebrity Smoothie Recipes for a Healthier Lifestyle

By Elizabeth Wheless

There’s nothing like a fun recipe, especially when it’s from your favorite celebrity, to make the idea of cooking more enticing than ordering from Uber Eats for the third day in a row. Whether you find it on TikTok, Instagram, or even a fashion publication, celebrities and influencers are always sharing their signature recipes. As the weather gets warmer, the vibrant colors and seemingly endless variations of celeb smoothie recipes have caught my eye. They are easy to make, require minimal cleanup, and are a great nutritious option for those busy days when you feel like you are constantly rushing to get out the door. It can be a challenge to prioritize nutrition as a college student, which is why smoothies have become my favorite way to pack vitamins, antioxidants, and greens into one meal. Here are a few fresh, healthy, and delicious celeb smoothie recipes to incorporate into your diet this spring:

Kourtney Kardashian’s famous avocado smoothie has been circulating social media for a few years, and with good reason. Avocado is a healthy fat, and a smoothie is the perfect vessel to eat more of this fan-favorite food. With ingredients like MCT oil, maca powder, and Manuka honey, this recipe manages to pack in all the superfoods. Kourtney uses dairy-free milk, but for those who prefer genuine dairy, consider using A2 or raw milk; both are less processed and easier to digest than regular cow’s milk. As someone with a sweet tooth, I like to add cocoa powder for a chocolate milkshake vibe and a dash of cinnamon for a little spice.

Eating like royalty has never been easier, thanks to Kate Middleton’s glow smoothie recipe. Over the years, there have been various reports of her recipe, although the Princess has never posted her exact ingredients and measurements. The key to recreating this recipe is to pack your blender full of antioxidants by adding ingredients like kale or spinach, blueberries, and spirulina powder. To make your greens easier to digest, experts suggest lightly sautéing them with a healthy fat, such as avocado oil. Once cooled, measure out individual portions and pop them in the freezer to save time throughout the week! Kate’s recipe is versatile, giving you the flexibility to incorporate your favorite fruits and milk of choice. Try adding Vital Proteins collagen powder for an extra glowy boost that will simultaneously improve skin elasticity and hair shine.

Trying an Erewhon smoothie is high on my bucket list, but until I can visit LA or they open a store in Dallas, I’ve loved making dupes at home. So far, my favorite recreation is Sofia Richie’s Sweet Cherry smoothie. The trending market’s recipe calls for over 10 ingredients and is sold at a steep price of $28. The smoothie is described as sweet, completed by the tart cherry flavor. Thankfully, for those of us who don’t have access to an Erewhon, numerous TikTok creators have experimented to recreate this recipe. It includes dark cherries, pineapple, avocado, maple syrup, coconut cream, magnesium powder, and vanilla colostrum (a good substitute is vanilla protein powder). Personally, I have been loving the benefits of colostrum for gut health and immunity, which is why it’s a must-have ingredient for me when making this recipe! To find your perfect blend, try experimenting with a few recipes, as some are sweeter while others are more tart. 

Feature Image by Tatum Thill

Elizabeth Wheless

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