Meet your new favorite Rosé…except it’s not pink.

The pink tax has been the subject of criticism and outrage for sometime now. For those of you keeping score on the examples of gender inequity (of which there are plenty), male products are generally 1. Blue and 2. about 13% cheaper than their pink, female-marketed counterparts. That’s right, because of their color and their marketing, razors for women are 13% more expensive.

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Blue Tax vs. Pink Tax Photo credit: Buzzfeed

In order to bring to light this discrepancy, razor brand and equality champions Billie created Château de Blué, the first Blue rose, 13% cheaper than it’s pink counterparts. According to their website the wine, “Tastes crisp like the dollar bills still in your wallet.” The website boasts that sommeliers tasted notes of blueberries, walnut, grapefruit peels and just a hint of gender bias.

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Chateau de Blue Photo credit: billie

Unfortunately for all of us, the wine sold out in all of 8 hours but to check out more of Billie’s products and their campaigns for gender fairness on their website.

Gillian Bressie

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