When it’s 90 degrees with 40 percent humidity, getting dressed for class can be tricky. Even though summer is over, the Dallas heat doesn’t die down until the beginning of November.

The moment you step outside, the sun beats down on you, and you’re immediately engulfed by the heat. When you walk inside the building for class, you’re greeted by the cool A/C, which is such a relief. But within 10 minutes of actually sitting in class, it feels like Antarctica. So…what do you do?

These students have figured out how to deal with the heat.

If Athleisure Is Your Thing

Senior Fiona Schor: “In general, I wear some kind of t-shirt and leggings to class for convenience. I wear leggings rather than jeans because they’re a lot more comfortable for me to sit down in for hours on end. But I always wear sneakers, and my favorites right now are Veja.”

Alo Leggings Photo credit: alo

Junior Sarah Mooney: “I wear lululemon shorts or leggings and a t-shirt because it’s loose enough to wear in this hot weather and comfortable to sit in during class. I always bring a sweatshirt because it’s freezing in my classrooms.”

Freshman Nicole Barnes: “I usually wear lululemon shorts and a t-shirt with Stan Smiths because it’s more comfortable and since it’s hot out, I’d rather not get all dressed up.”

Lululemon Shorts Photo credit: Lululemon

If You Like To Be Cute And Comfortable

Senior Wellsley Schenck: “My go-to’s would have to be a short sundress with Veja sneakers or I love a good graphic tee (Madeworn is my favorite) paired with Agolde Bermuda denim shorts because I like to feel dressed for the day while still being comfortable and in style.”

Veja Sneakers Photo credit: Net-A-Porter

Junior Sienna Wymbs: “I normally wear t-shirts with comfortable jean shorts or running shorts, but I also wear a lot of t-shirt dresses. I wear sneakers with both because comfort is key! I always bring a jacket too because they crank the AC.”

Monrow T-Shirt Dress Photo credit: Revolve

Sophomore Alex Ashworth: “My outfits depend on the number of classes I have that day. Somedays when I’m short on time, I wear a black strapless jumpsuit, so I look at least a little put together. On days when I only have one or two classes, I wear jean shorts and a junk tee.”

The Verdict

If you’re running late to class or are too lazy to put on an outfit, the athleisure look is for you. Throw on athletic shorts or leggings, a t-shirt, and sneakers, and you’re good to go. Check out lululemon, Alo, and Bandier if you want to stock up on these essentials.

But also, don’t let the heat stop you from putting on a cute outfit. Wear a dress with sneakers or comfortable jean shorts with a t-shirt. You’ll be ready in minutes!

Chloe Smith

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