SMU Look X The Real Real

Move over Goodwill and Salvation Army there’s a new sheriff in town and this one comes decked out in Louis, Gucci, and Chanel.

The Real Real has become a prominent leader in luxury consignment since its founding in 2011. Graham Wetzbarger joined us on Thursday to talk business, fashion, and faux goods.

Our very own Ali Mikles moderated the event which featured custom tote bags, cookies, and a gift card giveaway! Graham’s biggest advice? NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK! He credited Linkedin for helping him find his current job as Chief Authenticator for The Real Real.

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The event wasn’t all career advice though. Wetzbarger led the group of over 100 attendees in a game of faux or real. Items included a faux Chanel padlock necklace, real Yeezy sneakers, and a faux Goyard belt.

Attendees walked away with the cutest tote bag filled with the latest edition of LOOK, stickers, and a discount code. Could you ask for anything better?


Lizzie Loftus

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