Sunday Recovery: Boulevard Edition

By Ivy Nielsen

Boulevard Season is among us! Bust out those white dresses and boots, but make sure to take care of yourself and get your beauty rest after. This week’s health and wellness topic is all about how to recover after a long game day. Read along to learn my best tips for curing your Sunday blues.

Sip on a Coffee or Tea

If you have a headache, it is best to drink something yummy with caffeine! Caffeine is a natural stimulant, giving you a boost of energy. Coffee is also an anti-inflammatory, which can help reduce bloating from the weekend. Plan a morning date with your girlfriends to Foxtrot, walking distance from campus, to start your Sunday recovery! Here are more coffee shops popular with SMU students to get your morning brew:

La La Land Kind Cafe

Foxtrot Coffee

Fairgrounds Coffee & Tea

Source: Foxtrot Coffee

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate 

Drinking fluids is key to feeling your best the day after the Boulevard. The Texas heat is very real! Always keep a water bottle with you to remind yourself to drink your water throughout the day to help your circulation. Apple juice is one of my personal favorite beverages to drink if I’m not feeling my best on a Sunday. This added boost of sugar will give you a jolt of energy. An IV drip is also a great way to get fluids directly to your bloodstream. Here are some places in Dallas that offer IV therapy services if you need an extra boost:

Hydrate IV Bar

IV Nutrition Now

Take a Supplement

Vitamin B and Zinc are two supplements that have been shown to reduce symptoms of a hangover. It is also worthwhile to take a multivitamin, as you are probably low on your needed vitamins and nutrients. This will also help boost your energy levels. Here is a link to a multivitamin I really like:

Get Your Rest!

Sleep is essential! Rest up for the school week ahead and lay low after the Boulevard. Make some hot tea with honey and call it an early night before school on Monday. Catch up on your favorite Netflix show and give your body some needed TLC.

Eat Foods with Potassium

Pedialyte is a great way to fuel your body after a day of drinking. It contains potassium, electrolytes, and salts that help your body regulate what was lost due to alcohol consumption and help direct hydration to the areas of the body where it is most needed. Bananas, a great potassium source, also help ease muscle aches and pains if you are experiencing this.

Buy Pedialite

I hope you enjoyed reading! Happy Boulevard Season and Pony Up!

Ivy Nielsen

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