Get on That Grind

Whether you’re a senior and have taken more finals than you can remember, or a freshman who doesn’t know how to even begin studying for finals, we could all use some tips to improve our study habits.

Make a Schedule

weekly planner
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Trying to balance studying for multiple tests is a lot for anyone to handle. I know I feel a lot more organized and less stressed out if I make a schedule for my week, planning out when to study and take breaks.

To-Do List

A to-do list is another great way to stay on track with your studying. You’ll have a much clearer idea of what you need to do if you write out specifics things you want to accomplish, like making flash cards or reviewing past exams.

Find A Good Study Spot

Fondren Library
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We all have that one place where we seem to focus better and get more work done. I personally like the little cubicles on the fourth floor of Fondren because it’s quiet and much less distracting than the Starbucks area. Whatever study environment you need to focus, find it and stay there to be productive!

Take a Break

Of course, you need to refuel and recharge to have enough energy to keep studying! Make sure to reward yourself for all your hard work by taking a coffee break with friends, watching some Netflix, or taking a power nap. It can also be refreshing to go off campus to really get your mind off of studying for a little while.

Good luck on finals!

Maria Ryan

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