The Five Best Pizza Joints to Get You Through Finals

By: Catherine Cook

It is officially finals season and you know what that means…long hours in the library and delivery service! My personal favorite food that gets me through finals is a hot, cheesy, and delicious pizza. There are five main pizza places in Dallas that help me get through this busy time: Fireside Pies, Olivella’s Pizza, Pie Tap, Dominos, and Greenville Avenue Pizza Company.

1. Fireside Pies is my personal favorite. They have amazing gluten free crust and new and exciting flavors. They also have delicious salads and appetizers perfect for a health-conscious student. Fireside Pies is on the pricier side, but it is worth it for the flavor and quality. Pizzas are around $15, and appetizers range from $8 to $15. My go to order from Fireside is the quattro funghi pizza on gluten free crust. This pizza is loaded with mushrooms, truffles, and special sauce that makes your mouth water just smelling it.

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2. Olivella’s Pizza is closest to SMU for a student who doesn’t want to pay for delivery or who needs a walking break from studying. It is located on the corner of Hillcrest and McFarlin. They have a variety of appetizers, sandwiches, make your own pizzas, and hot and ready options. Pizzas range from $16 to $22 and appetizers range from $6 to $16. My personal favorite is the black truffle with house-made mozzarella, Italian ham, mushrooms, black pepper, and truffle oil (can you tell I like truffle?).

3. Pie Tap has many more options besides pizza if you have eaten too much pizza throughout the week. They have snacks, pasta, salad, and even burgers to go along with their pizzas. Pizzas range from $14 to $16 and their other options range from $5 to $16. My favorite pizza here is the prosciutto with dates, arugula, ricotta, parmesan, and balsamic glaze on a gluten free friendly crust.

4. Dominos is a go to, easy pizza option. It is classic, delicious, and you will never be disappointed with their pizzas. Dominos will deliver anywhere and they even have a fun website where you can track how fast your pizza is being made. Pizzas are all under $10 which is perfect for a money conscious student. My personal favorite is the classic cheese pizza with its melty cheese and garlic crust.

5. Greenville Avenue Pizza Company is perfect for a late-night study session. GAPCO is open until three in the morning and you can easily order online. Pizzas range from $16 to $20 but they also sell pizza by the slice for $4. You can make your own pizza or choose from the delicious options on their menu. My favorite is the buffalo chicken pizza with wing sauce, ranch, chicken, and carrots and celery on the side.

Hopefully these pizza options help get you through your crazy finals week because I know they will be helping me!

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