Mid-Term Recharge: SMU Look X Foxtrot X Pairr Experience

The week before spring break brings up mixed emotions. On the one hand, we are all excited about the vacations we have lined up, but on the other hand, we are all stressing out over our midterms.

SMU Look paired with Pairr Experience and Foxtrot Market to bring SMU students a cure for the stresses of midterms.

“I love this because it’s a great break from all of the stress associated with midterms,” said freshman Isabel Meadows.

SMU Look X FoxTrot X Pairr Experience
SMU Look X FoxTrot X Pairr Experience Photo credit: Princess Matthew-Mba

For the coffee lovers, Foxtrot offered cold brew served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. For those with a sweet tooth, there was a “build your own” candy bar. There were also tons of Topo Chicos and cute tote bags! Basically, they had everything a person could dream of for a study break!

Most of us have put hours into studying over the past couple of weeks, and if you’re anything like me: you’re tired. This event was the perfect respite and motivation to conquer the rest of the week.

Special thanks to Pairr Experience and Foxtrot for helping us treat ourselves during this busy week!

Princess Matthew-Mba

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