How to Host a Fabulous Christmas Party

Everyone knows that drinks and food are the key elements to a great party. These are some of my favorite ways to take a Christmas party to the next level!

Spiked Hot Chocolate

Spiked Hot Chocolate.png
Irish Cream Hot Chocolate Photo credit: Miss Information Blog

Everyone loves a fat cup of cocoa in the winter, but I recommend taking it up a notch with this recipe! This recipe shows you not only how to make hot chocolate from scratch (I promise, it’s worth it), but it gives it a kick with none other than Bailey’s Irish Cream!

Fire Crackers

Spicy Crackers.png
Spicy Hot Fire Crackers Photo credit: Mom On Time Out

I first had these crackers sophomore year of high school when my biology teacher brought them to our class Christmas party. If you’ve never had crackers like this before, this might seem way off-kilter. But trust me, there’s a reason why some people say these put the “crack” in crackers, they are ADDICTING. And!! This might be the easiest recipe ever. You just add four ingredients to a ziplock bag, zip, shake and voila!

Christmas Margaritas

Holiday Margaritas.png
Christmas Cranberry Margaritas Photo credit: Weekend Craft

I have a confession: I love margaritas. I don’t know why, but they have always tasted so good to me! The problem with margaritas is they have a stigma of being a summery, beachy drink. So when I came across this recipe, you can imagine how excited I was. Who said margaritas couldn’t be festive??

Oreo Cookie Balls

Oreo Balls.png
Holiday Oreo Balls Photo credit: From Valerie's Kitchen

I decided to round out our Christmas soiree menu with a classic: oreo balls. I don’t think my family attends a gathering without either providing oreo balls or making sure someone else is. I mean, is it really a party without a beautiful bite of cookies and creamy goodness? I certainly don’t think so. This recipe gives you ideas on how to decorate your oreo balls to make them extra holiday-friendly!

I hope these recipes inspire you to host the ultimate Christmas party. Just combine fun appetizers, yummy drinks, and friends! Now that’s the perfect party recipe!

Lydia Brooks

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